Bill Malloy’s inspiration

Modern design that reflects the harmony between hard lines and soft surroundings, and leaves everything to your imagination


Bill Malloy’s choice for the architectural design reflects his personal style and passion for sustainability.

Turkel Design was selected to design the first home for the Ridges at Paris Mountain, an 18 lot mountain retreat with fantastic views of the Park Mountain State Park. Read about The Ridges at Paris Mountain.

In Sweet Repose, Bill Malloy and Joel Turkel combined to create a space designed in harmony with large stands of old growth hardwoods that have occupied the terrain for hundreds of years. Every facet of the home has been designed with purpose and attention to detail, resulting in an unprecedented mountain community that can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Interior Design

To complement the modern architectural design, Bill Malloy selected famed architect Aaron Wilson of Wilson Architects to create the interior space.

Aaron Wilson worked at Colimore Gallow Architects of Baltimore MD 2000-2002; Cooper Design of Ann Arbor MI 2003-2004; Yurko Design & Architecture in Asheville NC 2004-05; freelance for about a year; Studio Dionisi of Asheville NC 2006-08; co-founding Wilson Architects in 2008 with Calder Wilson.

It is in those uniquely Southern features, the blend of indoor and outdoor lifestyle, contrasted with the natural Blue Ridge Mountain light, that Bill Malloy wanted the space to reflect. Sweet Repose beckons you to spread out, to look out. South Carolina’s openness lends itself to what you see in the design. Perhaps most obvious, is a proclivity toward new things, the lack of strong tradition allows for the introduction of bold new ideas.


Adding to the interior design, Bill Malloy elected to utilize Turkel Designs to balance the exterior landscaping with their interior design.

Joel and the team at Turkel Designs, approached the landscape design as an integral part of Sweet Repose, blending the home and site into an expression of Bill Malloy’s singular vision. The result was a landscape design that not only complements the home but also strengthens the overall design concept.

The organic and modern approach to the landscape design at Sweet Repose is signature minimalist in style, complete with well-edited plants, and blocks of color and textures. Whenever possible, Bill Malloy pushed the team to incorporate native plants and varieties into the projects. The result fills the home with with the light and ambiance of the surrounding world, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor areas.


Bill Malloy knew that sustainability needed to play a key role in the development of the Sweet Repose. With the expertise of Tom Dillard and Dillard Jones, a leader in sustainable design, Bill Malloy challenged them to think creatively.

Tom Dillard founded Dillard-Jones Builders in 2004 after a successful career working with larger national and international firms. A Clemson University graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering, Tom brought over 20 years of construction, project management and sales experience to Dillard-Jones Builders.

Bill Malloy and team created a home that incorporates quintessential South Carolina design that is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally honest. A palette of FSC sustainably harvested American walnut, cork, plaster, and stone were used in the production to give the interior a warm tactile feel. The humid subtropical climate of Greenville allowed Bill Malloy to incorporate the natural cross ventilation year round, through high operable windows in the stairwell, front, and rear of the building. Every opportunity was afforded to utilize honest products that pay homage to the land.

Special Thanks

The Sweet Repose by Bill Malloy Team

Joel Turkel
Meelena Oleksiuk Turkel
Aaron Wilson
Tom Dillard